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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Best Happy Birthday Wishes

πŸŽ‚Wish you a very happy birthday friend,
You will receive all the best things in the world in the coming days,
And fulfill all your dreams". 

πŸ’—The past can not be changed, so neither it. You can not predict the future, so do not think about it. You have this minute.Happy Birthday, Friend.

πŸŽ‚Happy Birthday, Hope you keep this good health and wealth as well till the last movement of your journey in this world. Wish you many more happy returns of the day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend

Always Keep Smiling,😊😊" Happy Birthday"
Be happy, and make all your dream comes true in coming Days. 

😍Wish you Happy Birthday, Dear Friend, 
May all your wishes come true and you be blessed with happiness and prosper in life.

πŸ’—Happy birthday, dear, we are lucky to have you as my friend. Enjoy this day.

πŸ’—Happy birthday, friend, it is not just a special day for you. God bless you. 

πŸ’—Happy birthday, friend, you are the reason we look forward to each day in my life.

πŸ’—Happy birthday, May your days be filled with fun, joyous moments and true friendship. 

πŸ’—Meaningful the day you walked into our friendship group. Happy birthday my cute friend.

πŸ’—We do not know what to gift you on this beautiful day but we do know that you are a gift to us. Happy birthday.

πŸ’—All the colors in our friend’s life are because of you. Happy birthday to the brightest star our Groups.

πŸ’—Every birthday an extra candle put on your sweet cake, I hope this extra candle bring extra smile and happiness inside your heart. Wish you Happy Birthday my dear!

πŸ’—May God bless you a great day and good healthy life. Happy Birthday to you.

πŸ’—I hope the sweetness of cake always stays with your beautiful life.

πŸ’—You are not only my friend, you are my heart rate. Happy Birthday, wishes are for you, my dear friend.

πŸ’—You are my best friend and I am very happy that I am with you. Happy birthday.

πŸ’—Real friends never divide. Our friendship is the best proof. 

πŸ’—To congratulate you on your birthday to fulfill all your dreams. Happy Birthday.

πŸ’—Happy birthday to you Making a good living with good health in your life.

πŸ’—I will try to make your day better. Happy Birthday.

πŸ’—May this birthday bring you,
Overflowing happiness, joy, and prosperity,
Wishing you a blessed Happy Birthday.

πŸ’—Celebrate Birthday with a heart
Filled with cheer and fervor,
Sending my warmest wish to you
Happy Birthday.

πŸ’—While you reading this wish
I hope My Happy Birthday Wishes will spread you
like the sweet cake, Happy Birthday To You.

πŸ’—A true relation doesn’t have to speak, A cute smile and wish, messages are just enough to express the feelings. Happy Birthday.


πŸ’—"May God grant you all of life's blessings and Happy and joys, happy birthday my dear Best Friend.

πŸ’—Best wishes on this wonderful Day, Happy Birthday Friend.

πŸ’—I want to wish you all the happiness in your life! Happy Birthday.

πŸ’— Happy Birthday, Be always happy and stay blessed!.

πŸ’—May your days be filled with joy and blessings, Happy Birthday.

πŸ’—Today open the new chapter of your Life, wish you Happy Birthday.

πŸ’—I am so happy to wish you a Happy Birthday that will make your life Happier.

πŸ’—You are a real inspiration and notable person. Best wishes on your birthday.

πŸ’—Life can lead you to love and strengthen you.
Congratulations on the birthday of love and love.

πŸ’—A memorable day and adventure year, congratulation, happy birthday.

πŸ’—Happy Birthday! Congratulations to fulfill all the wonderful desires of the heart.

πŸ’—Looking forward to the future, forget the past and be happy in your life.

πŸ’—To get more in love, happiness and prosperity in life,
Congratulations on a wonderful birthday.

πŸ’—Your special day, your specialty minute, your special year, wish you special Birthday.

πŸ’—Your friendship and affection is a necessity for my happiness. You are special, wonderful, beautiful and unique. Congratulations, be very happy!

πŸ’—The new challenges of life are always filled with new beginnings, each dream shines. Happy birthday

πŸ’—This is a successful moment, this is another stage of your life, where a blessing for achievement, happiness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

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